October 21st, 2007



Hubby and I went out for breakfast this morning at Cora's. This chain has been insanely popular up here, to the point of lineups all day. I generally make it a rule not to line up to get into restaurants or clubs, but the couple we went with promised that the lineup would be quick (good to hear considering the condition my back is in, and the food would be fantastic.

Well, they didn't lie. A down the sidewalk line took about 15 minutes to get in, and as hubby put it, that was the closest breakfast has ever looked to the menu. Their big draw is tonnes of fresh fruit with breakfast, they have very few trucker specials. But, at $15 each, it was a damn good thing it rocked. Not sure I'd make a habit of going there, but it was a nice treat.

Saturday I met the 'wits at Rockin' Johnny's which has much more of the huge, heart stopping breakfasts. Sadly, my grease aversion put a crimp in my eating, and but I still ended up with a decent meal. And a fruit cup! Fruit for breakfast two days in a row. Breakfast out two days in a row! Guess I might as well get it in (or is that get out) while I can.