October 26th, 2007

Damn Good Whacking

Misbehaving credit cards

Department store credit cards do you know what I want from you? I want a convenient way to pay, and maybe a few loyalty rewards along the way. Do you know what I don't want? Insurance. I don't want travel insurance, dental insurance, pet insurance, or credit guard. I don't want life insurance or accidental death and dismemberment. I don't want fire insurance, house insurance or flood insurance. I don't want a deal on my car insurance. You know what else I don't want? Other services. I don't want the home phone you're offering, or your long distance calling plan, or your internet provider. Nor do I want your elder care services. So stop calling!

Here's the deal: you are a credit card. You make it so I don't have to carry cash, you threaten me with 28% interest if I don't pay off the balance monthly, you offer some cheesy loyalty rewards that are just out of my reach, but I'll keep trying for year after year. Maybe if you play nice and stick to those rules I'll even put up with the ads for your crappy ginsu knives and cd player that looks like an olde time radio you stuff in my bill every month. But if you don't shape up it's game over. I can pay cash, I can shop elsewhere. I hear the internet is a wide open space of people just waiting to sell me stuff, and guess what? It comes right to my door!

Oh, and financial institutions - you'd better be listening too, you aren't that far behind with the crappy offers. And really? Do you have to call at dinner time? Considering you are only open from 10-4 why is your call centre all ramped up at 6pm?

Not a good sign.

About a month ago I got tickets for Cats, for tonight. I've never seen it and hubby and I haven't been going out nearly enough lately. So, fairly exciting I thought.

Then one of my friends posted on FB about how pissed off she was with the performance on Sunday night in Toronto (same group, they got here Tuesday). When I asked her how bad she replied with the following:

It was worse than bad, it was HORRIBLE!!! really, really horrible, the dancers sucked, the singing was poor, the sets are cheap and stupid, the main characters, both male and female, are weak and boring Seriously, sell your tickets. We were not the only ones who left, some people left even before the intermezzo. Two women in front up us were pissed and we heard them say they were going to ask for a refund . . .. We see lots of stuff and it isn't always great but this production was insulting and the tickets were $137.50 EACH!

Not the most promising review for my intro to this show. I may never be able to drag hubby out to another show after this.