November 3rd, 2007


I am exhausted!

Last night we went out to dinner with a friend of hubby's to a local tex-mex establishment. Now, I'm usually the biggest fajita eater around, but apparently my stomach capacity is much diminished. It is too bad my brain didn't get that message before I totally pigged out, as I paid for it most of last night and into this morning. The heartburn was killer!

Not only did I not get a good sleep, but I was up at almost the butt crack of dawn to clean the house with hubby. I have finally realized that the baby and my Creative Memories stash cannot co-exist, and I must start a massive sell-off. Of course, it's much easier to have it here than to lug it all around (the CM stuff that is, lugging the baby around is fine), but that means that the sewing and other craftiness that took over the living room and dining room needed to be tamed.

All in all it was a good day, more shopping than cropping, and I have more people coming tomorrow, luckily all the hard set up work is out of the way. I may even be able to sleep in tomorrow.

Hubby now wants to have people over every weekend so we make sure to get up and put my knitting, sewing, books and whatever else away. He is convinced that if I lived on my own I would have 17 dogs, a couple of cats, and so much crap that I would have paths to navigate around my house. I'm not sure he's that far off. *g*

Off to make din, I can finally face eating again.