November 7th, 2007

chet sniffing

Close call

For a while there it was looking like tonight would finally be the night when we caved and turned on the heat. It is 17C in the house, so really not that uncomfortable. But it's 0C outside so there is very little chance the house will warm up overnight and hubby has a cold. He did mutter several times about the temperature, but once he was tucked under the duvet the muttering ceased.

I don't even know why I do this. It's not like my house suddenly lights up with a big red 'furnace on' sign. I didn't sign a pledge card, I have no money or pride riding on this, but every year I feel compelled to go until at least Halloween without turning on the furnace. This means afghans, slippers, lighting candles, and lots of cooking and baking and any other sources of heat that aren't considered 'heating' your house. No fires, no furnace, no just leaving the oven door open and the element on. This year has been better than most, it has been fairly mild and I've been overheating at the drop of a hat so it's easy for me to show restraint. We did however discover that our Sasha loves to be tucked in under the duvet. I may have taken it too far seeing that my husky finds our house cold. But for now, another day with no furnace running.