November 14th, 2007


Random notes from Tuesday - posted Wednesday

I can't believe it has taken me this long, but I am only now participating in my first eBay auction(s) ever. I've had my account for over two years now, and I've often looked at items for offer and even created searches for items I'm interested in, but I've never before placed a bid.

Out of the 7 auctions that have closed so far, I've won 6, waiting for 3 more to see before I settle up.

I accidentally discovered that I had an OB appointment today, luckily before the time of the appointment. The doc was in a very weird mood today, practicing her Spanish on us, I think she was happy it was the end of the day, but it freaked hubby out a bit. I think his words were, 'your doctor is nuts.' Now we just need to learn how to say that in Spanish.

And finally - my latest freecycle success. Hubby spotted a compound sliding mitre saw that was in non-working condition and I managed to snag it for him. Turns out the guy that had it got it from someone else that couldn't fix it either. Hubby both loves to take motors apart and fix them, as well as getting stuff for free, so he was pretty happy. Turns out the saw needs a $10 part to stop it from shorting out, and there is a shop in town that stocks them. So by tonight, hubby should have this saw:

for $10!