January 29th, 2008

no idea

Things that make me go, 'Get a &*^$ing copy of Dragon Dictate!!!'

This is the actual post made by a woman on one of my groups. She can clearly read, as she's replying to another user, but for the love of Pete, cut and paste the words you don't know how to spell, use spell check, or voice dictation, or stop freaking posting!!!!!!!!

it depdns on what worlks for your body, soem have alergic reaction dont dontm buying sheap and non-cheap works yes but , depdns , you put the pros and cons and see whats best, the cosmetic as said, well there time were i had to buy somthign cheap to pull me overfor a week or a few days and i tell you it efected me, when i go tmy mony i bought the good stuf and no efcts,

ex, cheap jelery im alergic to chepa stuf *jelery liek silerver and gold and stuf* i get a reaction on it, the real thing or hype i dotn get a reaction, thi sis just an example,

if you buy cheap soem tiem it dont last as logn, it also depdns on what it is to, so it dpens on a persoans needs and the body reaction

bying shapoos the cheap stuf is ok if you have no chose and need the cleanes but its nto good fo rthe hair, my hair gets dirter fast and greasy,

filers and stuf it relay depdns, if its beter for mony or beter for your self, if it saves here and there, , waigh the pros and cons

I think that may be the longest and most randomly punctuated sentence ever. *g*

Back on the needles again!

I managed to knit tonight! It wasn't pretty, it wasn't complicated, and it wasn't for long, but I was knitting. Exciting for me, but lame at the same time, I'm working my way up from garter stitch again. I got in 6 rows of the poncho I've been working on forever, then little miss needed to be changed, but this is clearly a turning point.

I try to work on sewing almost every day. It's slow going, and I have a long list of things I want to sew:

wet bag (pieces cut)
crib sheets (laundered the flannel tonight)
diapers (waiting for snap press, it's in Vancouver ATM, patterns on the way)
dresses (no excuse, have the patterns, have the material)
babylegs (need to buy socks to repurpose)
sleepers (no excuse, well maybe waiting on my snap press*g*)