March 9th, 2008


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I took a quick gander at my friends list and it did not appear that everyone was talking about the weather, so let me start by saying 20" of snow is a hella lot of snow to fall in one weekend. No really, for those of you unfamiliar with snow (and I know you're out there) the cursed white stuff accumulates. And you have to shift it to get around to get by. This results in huge snowbanks. No interest, no withdrawls, no value. It also resulted in moderate amounts of chaos (moderate only because today was Sunday).

The city shut down. The buses weren't running, the newspaper wasn't delivered (I don't ever remember that happening), the fire department wasn't able to get down some side streets (the freaking fire department! They go everywhere) get the picture. Oh, and church was cancelled. I guess they figured it was too late for prayin' *g*.

Here is our laneway this morning:

We were supposed to visit with my sister, Willy and L this morning for L's birthday. We first decided to postpone until dinner, as they were still working on plowing the major roads. This would mean we would have to drive out over half a mile with snow scraping the bottom of our car, my mother would have to walk out to a paved road for us to pick her up, and it would be more unplowed road in to my sister's. Then the plan changed to dinner, and we are now looking at heading over there tomorrow for din. Good thing we were celebrating early!

Hubby, V and I decided to walk the dogs at 6 tonight, and it was still a winter wonderland:

Bundled up

Climbing Mt.Snowbank

Towering banks

For all the snow and shovelling, I'm not yet sick of it. Actually, I'm still compelled to run out and make snow angels.

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