April 7th, 2008

Brain missing

Sometimes I have the dumb, and sometimes the dumb has me.

Victoria doesn't quite have enough diapers of the size she's just grown in to. I'm trying to get more done as fast as I can, but have decided to make some changes to the pattern I was using. So this afternoon while she was napping (a rare event around here!) I took one of the diapers I had cut, marked the changes I wanted, and sewed it up as a test. Snaps were applied and I was very happy with the end results (live trial not withstanding).

A little while later, Miss V herself wakes up and needs a change. Remember when I said she was short on diapers? And that the changes needed a live trial? What did I grab? Yep, the one that I had just sewn. The only one that has the changes I wanted marked on it. Good news is that it fits well. Bad news is that I'm going to live life on the edge and try to remember what I did the first time, with the model no where to be found.

I'll let you decide who's got who.

Desperately seeking .

Terra Chips! I was given a sample of these a couple of weeks ago, and have done a half-assed job of lookig for them whenever I'm food shopping. I've probably actually spent more energy obsessing about them than looking for them so I decided to get serious *g* and go to the source. Of course their website only allows you to search for American suppliers; I am used to that. What I am not used to however, is having to fill out your physical address in order to ask where in Canada I can find the chips - http://www.terrachips.com/contact-us/index.php. Unless they'll be showing up at my door to deliver the chips, there is no reason at all for me to give them this info. And a required field? Really? Anyone know where the Simpsons live? I may have to resort to making my own taro/parsnip/beet chips.
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