April 27th, 2008


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In other happy fun news: hubby had his three remaining wisdom teeth taken out Friday, and he is not enjoying recovery at all. He was scheduled for this appointment the day I was admitted to the hospital, and I remember telling him at the time that he should have kept the appointment. Apparently I had no idea what the appointment was for at the time, because that would have been sheer lunacy. Unfortunately, he's even having a hard time carrying or playing with V. She is pretty darn squirmy and also loves to grab at your face.

I didn't really comprehend what the appointment was all about until Friday afternoon. I was scheduled to go see a friend acting in her first play last night, but there is no way he'd be able to take care of V for the evening.

In order to lighten the mood I keep threatening to take pictures when he's at the peak of swollen, chipmunk face. Actually now that I think about it, making him laugh probably isn't the nicest thing I could do.

I think it would make a great scrapbook page. And really it's just payback. You should see (but won't) some of the pics he has of me just before my surgery, when he was safe taking those pics, thanks to my spinal. Hypertension and IV swelling are not pretty.