May 12th, 2008

chet sniffing

Well the day has finally come.

I have always been completely insistent that I would not drive a minivan. We have borrowed a minivan before, and realized we were not 'minivan people'. My parents had 3 kids and a cottage we went to every weekend. A station wagon did them just fine. I've become partial to the Volvo XC70 or the Audi A4. Not cheap, but we wouldn't be looking at new. Hubby was fully on board, voicing many of the same opinions for many years.

That was apparently before we actually had a child. Since Miss V arrived, there has been an erosion of his position. First he talked to mechanic friends who told him that Volvo's weren't the cars they once were. That sure the safety ratings were still there (my #1), but they just weren't the same workhorse car they once were, and they had rather large repair bills.

Then he actually measured our dogs. He realized the sheer volume they occupy. This was quickly followed by several excursions (day) with Miss V. He also measured the sheer volume of the accompanying baby 'stuff'. He now firmly believes that dogs + baby = no room for things like food and our clothes.

Throw into the mix my desire to go for another round of IVF. He is no where near on board with that, but has selected it for use in his arguments. Now we are (I am) looking at 2 carseats, two heaps of baby stuff, two dogs.

Said erosion culminated in us looking at a used van on Friday night. Before I get into the description, I will also note that I missed/forgot about girlie poker in order to look at the van, it's really and truly over isn't it?

It's a Toyota Sienna, one our mechanic friend is partial too, again making it harder to convince hubby to look at other cars. It is in great condition, other than the air conditioner not working, but that is something we were warned about and hubby has the answer on how to fix that. It is a 2000, with 150k km (just under 100k miles), nothing really for a Toyota. There isn't any more I can say about it, it's a freaking minivan! It's going to the shop this week for the inspection, and then I'm fairly certain it will follow us home.

I will be spending the next week scouring ads for a decently-priced XC70 or A4, and accompanying roof-top storage in a last ditch effort to stave off the minivan, but I believe it may be too late. I'm well on my way to mom pants and easy listening radio.