August 19th, 2008


I'm free!

For the past month or so I've been tethered to my desk by a pesky powercord. I never knew how much misery one little cord could cause. This cord is to blame for me not posting freecycle items, not updating my journal, not getting my pictures posted in picasa...I'll go for broke - it caused havoc with my taxes and has generally put me behind with my life. Okay so that might be a little much to blame solely on the powercord. I suppose some of the blame has to rest on the battery that completely died on me a month ago. I've abused my machines in many ways, but I've never fried a battery before. It wouldn't keep a seconds worth of charge and my power manager reported 'irreparable damage to battery' which was a cool message the first 50 or so times it popped up. But seriously, I knew I had an issue with attachment to my machine, I mean I'd bring it with me to breakfast to catch up on mail, watch a movie and Google who the actors were, and do some coop shopping while playing with Victoria. But I had no idea of the withdrawal that leaving it attached to my table would cause. I also realized that while I had a working battery I thought it was cute when V unplugged my powercord, and yet when the battery was dead she still thought it was fun and my opinion changed. My changing reactions caused her a great deal of confusion, where once her tug on the cord caused me to giggle with her, now I was dissolving into tears. I will give her credit though, she kept trying, hoping I'd get back to the laughing reaction. I stopped by my work today to pick up my badge (I hang my head in shame - as I was leaving for Mat leave, I left my badge on my desk, and so I failed my workplace security review. Luckily I have an understanding boss) and to let Victoria have a little visit, and my boss grabbed a new battery for me. I like to think it was out of the goodness of his heart, but in reality it's probably because he was sick of my whining. Either way, I'm free! I can run around the house with baby in one had and Victoria in the other *g* I may actually get posts completed now before some other shiny object catches my attention and while I'm not looking Victoria unplugs my machine.

Update on all things Victoria

I cannot believe she's already eight and a half months old! Time is completely escaping me and as sad as it seems, there is no way I'm going to be ready to go back to work in January. It currently looks like Bill will be taking some time off next year, so that should ease my mind a bit, although I can only imagine the trouble the two of them will get up to!

So lets see...We were at the cottage the week of July 20th so the Tuesday before that she got her first tooth, and her second one came in the Tuesday we were up there. She is crawling like a madwoman, we've had to install all the baby gates, she's just way too mobile now. The other neat trick she has is walking around furniture. So I'll leave her on one side of the living room, and she'll wander over to the other, moving from couch to table to toy to get there.

She snorts when she laughs, which makes her momma proud. Apparently she likes the praise I give her, she's learned to clap. By the same token, if she's headed for something she shouldn't touch and I tell her 'no', she'll shake her head no. We're working on potty training, she's good about it, I have to be more on the ball. Same goes for signing. She looks at me like I'm a complete goof when I sing and sign to her.

She's still not taking a bottle, which is driving me a bit batty, and she will take water out of a sippy cup, but not milk (stubborn little thing!). She's trying a new food about every three days, and this amuses me greatly. She has the best reactions to everything new, and basically looks like she's going to hurl, followed by a look of complete betrayal. I'm still making all her food. It's so easy to prepare and always nice to have it already portioned and frozen on hand. We've started to move into the proteins, she's getting egg yolks and yogurt now, and her appetite is growing so much!

Hubby is working on wearing her out now, they do laps, racing around the kitchen, through the dining room and living room and back again. It really confuses the hell out of the dogs, they have no idea why he's crawling around.

I think as of last week I figured out her sleeping too! She usually gets a bit tired in the morning, and I figured she needed a morning nap, so I'd spend way too much time trying to get her to sleep, and she'd have a 20 minute catnap. I'd repeat this a couple of times and then get completely frustrated as my whole day was shot. Well, last week I babysat L again for a couple of days, and while I was chasing a toddler I didn't have time to obsess over V. V got worn out from playing all morning, ate lunch and then napped for 1.5 hours! And then she hit the sack at around 9pm and stayed in bed until morning (she fed, but no play time, freaking out, no-sleep periods).

She's now managed to repeat this for over a week. Last night she was in bed by 9, didn't wake up until 2:30 and then 5:30. I am so happy to be able to sleep! Fingers are still crossed, but she was asleep by 8:30 tonight. And it only took me 8 and a half months to figure that out - sheesh.

Now that it appears we've mastered 'We're All Happier on More than Four Hours Sleep' next lesson is a toss-up between 'The World is Not Ending When Mommy Leaves the Room' and 'The Crib is not Baby Jail'.