October 15th, 2008


Stove 3.0 to be delivered tomorrow

This time they are giving us a delivery window of 8am to 1pm, shaving 5 hours off my wait. But I'm guessing that will be burned up when they decide to send us a new drawer for our freezer. I can't see them being any more precise next time.

It seems that getting stove 2.0 delivered didn't take stove 1.0 off my credit card bill, because the contract mover is claiming they never collected 1.0! My bill is due the 20th and that date is really ticking closer now. There is no way I'm paying for a whole stove I don't have. Hubby suggested I keep stove 2.0 hostage until they fix the bill, but that would mean another day waiting for them to pick it up, so I think I'll go the many phone calls route.

We're back to dealing with the sales manager, and not the myriad of 800 number 'customer support' lines they were trying to fob us off on last week. It looks like she's taking care of one thing at a time, and doing it all personally, so while it's frustrating, we know they're doing what they can to make it right. We love the appliances (which is good since we picked'em!), are really happy with the staff at the store, but are pretty disappointed with the process of actually getting the appliances into our home in one piece.

So, they've now knocked an additional $200 off the bill, we are hopefully getting the final stove tomorrow, then we'll deal with the fridge bugfix. They will just order a drawer for us, unless they can't get the stainless to match, then they'll order the drawer and the door. Makes sense to us, I really don't want to have to take my front door off again for another fridge delivery. While I'm not sneezing at the inconvenience discounts they've provided us, I'd rather have paid full price and had a great experience and my kitchen back to normal weeks ago. It's now been a month since we finalized the sale. The 19th was the first delivery that started this whole mess. I swear, I'll be able to post pics soon!

Damn Good Whacking

I don't know if I should laugh or cry...

I just received a call from the truck driver letting me know that my stove didn't make it onto the truck. That's right, 3 and a half hours of waiting around for no good reason. 3.5 hours with a sick and cranky child. The entire morning up and miserable, on virtually no sleep as said child is having problems breathing, so not really sleeping.

And no stove! The driver was kind enough to ask if I wanted to cancel the whole order, as he still had instructions to pick up our existing stove, and he thought we might like having at least one stove around.

So I called hubby, who laughed, then called the store to find out the manager is off until Friday - this is the same one that was gone last Wednesday until yesterday, I think we need to find a new contact.

It would appear that they have Keyser Soze'sd us on some of their earlier assurances. This is the second time that our order has been shorted, and neither time were we notified in advance, even though this is apparently their policy. As well, when hubby called last week about the damaged appliances, we were told that they would do a thorough inspection before loading our stove onto the truck. I'm fairly sure if this had happened yesterday or this morning someone would have noticed that they were inspecting an invisible stove.

So now they are trying to find the stove, and may be calling to give us a two hour window to deliver tonight. But I really don't have my hopes up.