October 28th, 2008



Somehow my retailer has roped the environment in to their secret plot to drive me insane. It just occurred to me as I was talking to my sister that tomorrow is delivery day for stove 4.0 and the new fridge doors, and we are getting 15cm (6") of snow tonight. Clearly this means that the service truck will not be able to make the call out to our house tomorrow and the delivery truck will be involved in some sort of freak accident where the only damaged item is our stove.

Losing it.

I really am losing it. Two nights ago while I was preparing dinner I popped a squash in the oven to bake it for miss V. I only remembered that it was in there (yes I turned the oven off after I prepared our meal) tonight at dinner, and only then because my mother asked if V was eating squash. It was completely gone from my mind!