November 6th, 2008


It just never ends

I started writing this big entry about the latest details of the appliance snafus but it just made me tired and depressed. Suffice it to say that we now have a non-dented stove, but our fridge is still dented and the sales manager started avoiding hubby's calls. Service will be sending someone (again) to replace the drawer only and we've got our fingers crossed that they match.

Apparently the service guys regularly try to talk customers into not getting replacement parts but rather new appliances, because then the don't deal with it.

After this is settled, we tackle the bill...*sigh*

Oh! Halloween pics

We had a little pirate visit us on halloween - here are a couple of snaps:

It's amazing I have any pictures with the hat on - she hated the hat:

Sooo close to the candy!

And random pumpkin carving pic: