November 12th, 2008


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This post doesn't even deserve a title. Earlier today I received a call from our no so favorite store's scheduler for service, to let me know that the service tech would be by between noon and 4 pm tomorrow (as arranged, Wednesday is the day). About an hour later I received a call from someone in the service depot letting me know that the parts hadn't been received from their supplier (remember the first service tech told me it would be a long wait to receive the doors) and that they would reschedule for the following week.

Yes that's right, another screw up, and another wait. If nothing else, would it have been terribly difficult to make sure that the tech had received whatever they needed to complete the job before confirming it? We've now been waiting 2 months since our initial purchase to receive, in satisfactory condition, the goods that we ordered. This is the 6th appointment they've made to come here whether they've kept them or not. And they still haven't made it right.

It's a good thing they have a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee, because I don't know how much more of this I am going to put up with.