November 23rd, 2008

Damn Good Whacking

Colour me irate

After waiting around all day Saturday, the movers arrived at 4pm with the new fridge, which was to be inspected before it was okayed for us. Well bloody well guess what? It was damaged. Not only was it damaged, but the box was damaged. Not only was the box damaged, but it was also unopened. It was clearly not inspected, and it was certainly not inspected twice, which is what the associate manager tried to tell us when we called the store.

Hubby and I have been talking about how to move forward, and we are asking for a meeting with the sales manager and the store manager tomorrow. Outstanding items for us are the fridge, the interest on my card, the extra stove that is still on my card, the loyalty points we were promised (although I'm not sure what we'll do with those now), and what they are going to do for us to make this right.

Here are some of the numbers that we've come up with (and believe me, there's no 'priceless' at the end of this list):

5 scheduled delivery days
1 service call where tech showed up without the parts
2 cancelled service calls
22 hours spent waiting for deliveries and service
10 weeks since purchase
19 days until their satisfaction guarantee runs out

Things we can't tally: time spent on calls, time spent chasing the manager who won't call back, and the number of times we've been called liars.

We've obviously been far too easy-going for far too long. Christmas dinner might be interesting, not sure how I'll prepare it without any appliances.