March 25th, 2009


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Just in case you were under the mistaken impression that our appliance woes were over, that is sadly not the case. Yes, we took possession of our final fridge the beginning of December, but it turns out this fridge decided that the veggie crispers were meant to be deep freezes. We tried everything changed the temperature of the fridge, the freezer, opened and closed the vents in the crispers to no avail.

Last week marked the fourth, yes FOURTH, service call we've had about this since the start of the year. The first guy was a complete ass who told us that we needed to keep the humidity at high (closed) on the drawers and the temperature in the fridge and freezer as warm as they would go.

Uuh. No. There's a freaking reason you can pick different temperatures, and closing the vents on the crisper isn't going to change the damn temperature! But there's some stupid that you just don't argue with. Second guy immediately diagnosed that the main board of the fridge was shot, and ordered a new one, prompting visit three to install. This seemed to adjust the temperatures to a more normal range, but still froze our newly-purchased, and naively stored produce. Hubby was less amused than I. Fourth visit, dude knew in advance that the next thing to try is the thermistor, but could he just bring one? Noooo, he had to come, look, order and leave. Oh and set up a fifth freaking visit! And still we store our ice in our fridge.