April 17th, 2009


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You know everyone involved needs a nap when mom crawls into the back of the car and falls asleep beside her snoozing toddler.

In the grocery store parking lot.

At two o'clock in the afternoon.

For an hour.

It's my journal and I'll brag if I want to...

I've been whining and moaning for I don't know how long now that I haven't had enough time to sew. And while I haven't yet completed the pile of diapers that I'm sure V would appreciate, I did manage to turn out an Easter outfit for her last Saturday.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take any reasonable pictures of the outfit, so I'm left with what I managed to snap off while following a toddler around on a freezing cold day (yes it was -1 here on Sunday). I'm pretty happy with the way the set turned out (dress, hat and bloomers):