April 27th, 2009


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I have an aversion to ironing. It runs along the same lines as the aversion aliens have to water. Tell me what you see wrong with my latest hobby/kick:

Take uncut fabric out of drier, iron yards and yards of it. Cut it, and sew up your seams, iron. Need some interfacing? Iron. Piece together your item, iron. Want some bias tape? Iron. Finished? Nope, gotta iron.

I really need to start sewing patterns that don't involve me doing hours of ironing. I'm not sure if the answer is to start working with knits and spandex, or if it's to avoid any of the cute reversible stuff I've been making for V, but something's gotta give...maybe I just need to hire someone to iron for me. There has to be someone out there that likes to iron. I'm not sure I ever met them, but they have to exist.

My short-sightedness in this matter is really quite impressive. I do everything I possibly can to avoid ironing my clothes, including re-washing items that are too wrinkly, showering with wrinkled clothes in the room, taking stuff out of the dryer when it's damp to 'press' out the bad ones, but apparently I thought it was okay to start going full out on a hobby that requires you to iron everything 2 or three or more times. And it's not like I didn't know this going in. I've sewn before. I have several partially finished quilts to prove it (any guesses what stage I stopped at?)

I wonder if a clothes steamer would do me any good?

But that's all forgotten when I get to see V in some of these cute outfits. There's nothing like the satisfaction of seeing her wear the finished product. That is unless it's like the latest top I made her, and she starts screaming and ripping it off when I try to check for size. Not so gratifying (and yes, I checked for pins.) I can't wait to try to get her into the matching shorts.