May 15th, 2009


Getting myself all edumacated.

I love reading something and having an 'a-ha!' moment. Last week I was reading The Wealth and Poverty of Nations when I came across an entry about The Black Hole of Calcutta and I swear the lightbulb lit up the whole room.

It's one of those expressions I've always heard but never gave much thought to. I probably just thought that someone was calling Calcutta a hole. But there's actually history to it. I'm not saying that the interpretation that wiki or Landes or any of the contemporary reports gave are what occurred, but knowing that there is a reason for the expression intrigues me.

More bragging

Here's the latest outfit I made for V. I just finished hand stitching the last seams, it's a reversible cross-over top, and a slightly modified pair of shorts.

I would love to have her model it, but it's too freaking cold here! I've heard reports that we'll be hitting temperatures below freezing overnight next week. Here's hoping she doesn't outgrow it before she gets to wear it.