May 28th, 2009


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I had a full-on moment of joy jump up and surprise me Sunday afternoon while I was walking the dogs. The set up was perfect: it was a gorgeous day, the end of a great weekend, the weather finally decided to be summer-like (weather's amnesia is back, but that's another story) and gave us hope that we'd actually have a summer filled with swimming and sun and fun. I was completely enjoying the bright, slightly breezy (read: no bugs) day. The dogs were behaving and I'd said a friendly 'hello' to a neighbour or two when a mass of balloons came floating over the house I was passing. The moment they caught my attention they were perfectly framed between the trees with the clear blue sky as a backdrop. And I'm talking about lots of balloons, hundreds, each tied to a piece of what looked like giftwrap curling ribbon. I'm not sure where they came from or who released them, but the group of them silently bobbing overhead as they were hurried along on the breeze added that extra little lift to my step. And I'll admit that more than half of me wanted to chase after them and see where they ended up.