July 8th, 2009


Here's what I need.

I am in real serious need of reassurance. I need you all to tell me that any day now V is going to start sleeping through the majority of the nights. Really, you all have to remember how 19-20 months was the magic age when whammo! you, your siblings, your neighbours kids, your kids, everyone decided they needed 11 hours sleep every night like clockwork. And naps. I won't even be greedy, I'll only ask for one a day (this one is mainly for hubby's sanity, he's home with her every day)

And while we're at it, how about letting me know that she'll start going to bed without a fuss? That it won't be an ordeal every night, she'll slip quietly into sleep until morning (see above). Because this really shouldn't still be coming as a surprise to her. She's been doing it for a while now. She's pretty smart, why hasn't she figured out that after being in her crib for 5 minutes, she's still not 'done,done,done,DONE!'?

Now let's be clear here, those of you with children that started sleeping through the night relatively immediately need not apply. Those stories do nothing but anger the rest of us; feel free to keep them to yourself. If you yourself fell asleep as soon as you came home from the hospital, and only woke up when it was time to start kindergarten, keep it buttoned. Smile empathetically and pat my hand, but that's it!

But much in the manner that all mothers creatively remember when recalling the wonders and beauty of pregnancy, the rest of you really need to rally. I need to know that she won't be 15 (or let's be honest - 3) wake up in the middle of the night, stand on her bed and start screaming her head off.

Speaking of the squirt, I managed to snag a super cute set off a hyena cart congo a while ago and she got to wear it for Canada Day:

Yes she has firecrackers on her butt *g*


Too late for the swear jar.

I really did think I was behaving. I mean 'normally' I easily slip into cursing a blue streak, but I thought I was pretty careful at home. Apparently not. Last Friday my sister, BIL, and their two kids stopped by. While we were having dinner V dropped her fork, looked down, and said, 'oh, shit'.

I'm fairly sure it's wrong that it cracks me up.