July 14th, 2009


Fire under my butt

Wow. I started talking about it today and I realized someone really lit a fire under my crafting butt.

I made two diaper covers, V's outgrown all her current ones,
Added the snaps to 6 diapers,
Finished 2 dresses, including adding snaps. V's worn both of them, and I didn't get pics of either,
I cut out the fabric for another sleep sack, need to get a longer zipper, or figure out a placket design,
I re-lanolized 3 soakers and washed and set the dye on another one,
Prepped about a kajillion teeshirts and stuff for tie-dyeing.

Not too bad for a rainy weekend.

Overheard in the office

Two co-workers talking about a service that provides traffic notifications through a subscription:

Co-worker 1 - "I wonder how they figured this data out from the pressure plates"
Co-worker 2 - "They have a logarithm for it" and a bit later, "No really, they take all the data and apply some logarithm"

I'm fairly sure I didn't snort.