July 23rd, 2009


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Last night hubby, V and I went about our usual routine of getting V ready for bed - food, potty, lots of books (delay tactic #1), kissing all the furniture, doors, walls, toys, pets etc goodnight (delay tactic #2), then we headed to her room to get her bundled up for bed, and that's where the usual routine went out the window. You see, my 5'10"ish husband decide to crawl in to V's crib! She thought that was the funniest thing she'd ever seen and I wasn't that far behind. I threw her in the crib so I could go grab a camera and she started jumping up and down laughing her head off.

I got some *great* shots of the two of them goofing around, crammed in there. Unfortunately hubby asked me not to post the pics. Silly him, he never said anything about LJ...