August 3rd, 2009


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Well that's two crappy weather weeks out of the way...too bad they were my vacation. To be fair, there were several very nice days, but I we certainly didn't have two days in a row without rain, and there may have been one full 24-hour period with no rain at all. Even tonight, we were going to set up the tent in the back yard and 'camp out' but it started raining at dinner. Now that really makes one appreciate the First Up we bought last year. This wasn't the first time dinner was finished in the rain under the tent.

But back to our 'camping' plans - don't get me wrong, I will camp in the rain, I *have* camped in the rain. But sleeping out for the first time with a 20-month old? I'll invoke the luxuries of camping next to your house, and select the house thanks...

Okay, I just checked to see if we might be able to stay out this weekend, and isn't this just a kick in the teeth:

Today and tomorrow (last day of vacation):

Wednesday (first day back) and rest of week:

I wonder if I can get a do-over.

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Man I love me some free stuff!

Great day for freecycle, I scored a cake decorating book, and hubby picked up a wooden dollhouse(!!), 6 diaper covers, and 50' of chainlink fence (lol).

We also headed over to my sister's today to pick up a trailer-full of landscaping rocks. The woman has more gardens covered in these things! I swear, if we hadn't told her, she'd have had no idea that we'd scooped some up. I think she's crazy for getting rid of them (blech who wants to weed?) but I'm not telling her that - I'll take the stones! Then, leaving her place we managed to snag this toybox from her neighbour's curb:

Hubby and I have been searching forever for a storage container for our patio cushions. We managed to buy big-ass floofy chairs with cushions that don't fit in any of the standard deck boxes, but we're fairly sure this will do the trick nicely...and if it doesn't, I'm sure V will fill it up in no time and we'll go back to our plan b - build it ourselves.