August 6th, 2009


I can't delay this any longer

It's been awesome that hubby took a year leave of absence, we really need to get the ball rolling on daycare for V for January (with a potential for gradual introduction earlier). He has contacted one provider and will be visiting them tomorrow morning. They are a licensed 'business' day care (as opposed to a home daycare) and they sound great, but have 10 spots and have had 24 people interview for them so far, eep.

What do we need to ask them? What have I forgotten?

teacher/child ratio
structure to the day - art, block, reading/circle time, naps, time outside, chores
discipline philosophy
can we drop in any time
late pickup policy (they close at 5:30 so that's pretty set in stone)
will they deal with cloth diapers
fire safety plan
sick children, sick care plan, when do they determine a child needs to go home
teacher education requirements, ECE etc.
turnover rate for teachers...

We know what they charge, what their meals are

What am I missing?