August 31st, 2009


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Fences may make good neighbours, but they make even better restrained toddlers. We somehow have managed to teach V that running away from us is fun, and now matter how good she is at showing us 'stop' inside the house, as soon as we're outside all bets are off; the road (and freaking out mommy) are an irresistible attraction.

A while ago hubby received a lot of chainlink fence through freecycle. Not just the chainlink, but the poles, guide wires, brackets...well you get the picture. My cousin just happened to have a post driver, so yesterday while I took V to the park, hubby got the fence up along our side lot. I know it's chain link, but what a difference it makes! It seems we always incorporated part of the front yard in our visual estimates of that side *g*.

And due to some poor planning on my part, we now have 3 compost bins in the back yard, and none in the front. We'll have to move one of those suckers soon. It's weird not being able to wander wherever I want on the yard, but then again, that fence is a great backdrop for a new garden, I just have to convince hubby of that.