September 1st, 2009


Just to keep things interesting...

Yesterday morning was the last morning I'll hop in my car, look up at my living room window and see my little girl waving 'bye bye'. This morning hubby and I brought her to her first day of nursery school. I must say we have a very independent little girl on our hands. We've often heard, 'no, baby' when we try to do something, er - anything. Put away her laundry, get herself dressed, put on her shoes, put dishes in the sink...not saying she doesn't need help, but she insists on trying on her own first.

Note the child is lugging a knapsack as big as she is. No way she'd let mommy carry it.

We went in to chat with the teachers, make sure we had everything they needed, and she made a beeline for the other kids, not even a look back or wave. Hubby called at noon, in case we had to do a gradual transition, and it appears her first day has been fantastic so far. She's had no issues, and (because this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside) they let us know that when a couple of kids fell over in the play yard, she was there helping them up. I will admit I was slightly worried about how she'd play and interact with other kids, she doesn't get a lot of exposure to big groups of them on her own.

I hold no illusions that after 3 days of this it will go as smoothly, there's a big difference between one extraordinary day out, and spending the rest of your days in school, but it was nice to have this one go off without a hitch (so far).

Hubby's friends are a bad influence

Hubby went to the Harley dealership tonight to look at a bike his friend is considering. Earlier this year, hubby took the Honda Fury out on a ride day and loved it. Tonight he checked out one of the Harleys (sorry, they all blend together, don't know which one) and checked out a Buell.

From this visit he had 2 comments, he prefers the Fury over the Harleys, and more telling, he sees no reason to buy a Buell, because he doesn't need a second sport-style bike. Now call me crazy, but my understanding of how this would happen is this: he gets an inkling he wants a new bike. He does months and months of research, checking used sites, new sites, going on ride days, more research and investigation, more visits to the dealerships, buys bike and finally, here's the key, sells existing bike. Am I crazy? Or did I just miss the memo about starting a bike collection?
no idea

What the hell?

I am so completely flabbergasted by this story that I'm compelled to post -

The former Attorney General of the province of Ontario allegedly got into an 'altercation' with a cyclist, who grabbed the side of the former AG's car. Michael Bryant then proceeded to try and shake the unwanted passenger off by driving the wrong way down the street, bashing the person into mailboxes and trees. He succeeded, left the dying man on the road in a puddle of blood, and sped away.

What exactly has to be going wrong in a person's life to think that this is acceptable behaviour? How do you go from threatening to crush cars used or built for street racing, apparently to protect lives, to taking one, deliberately using a car to do so?

Was he afraid the cyclist had a 'pit bull', the 'breed' he worked so hard to ban, in his back pocket? Was he worried because his complete hand gun ban didn't pass, and the cyclist might be packing more than padding in his spandex? Did he not realize he was in a populated area, full of witnesses, with, I'm guessing fantastic cell service?

Nevermind. There is no explanation for this. None.