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Sep. 16th, 2009 @ 12:20 am Not so good news
This is the organization my sister works for:

It boggles my mind that for less than it costs to house one inmate for one year, they provide assistance to hundreds of victims and victims families and no one is willing to fund them.

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Who does she think she is?
dead hamster
Sep. 16th, 2009 @ 11:34 pm Talk about stretching a buck!
Last year I received a gift card good at several places, including Montana's ...mmmm Antijitos...but I digress. We headed over there at the beginning of September to discover that some time in the past couple of months they had changed their menu. I had a grilled Mediterranean chicken with goat's cheese that was fantastic! They have a fairly decent children's menu and you get to build their meal so you can end up with pasta or chicken fingers and cucumber coins instead of fries. Anyways, our first meal had the entrees knocked off thanks to the gift cert, AND to make it even better, we each received a coupon for a free entree on our next visit.

Tonight was our next visit. My meal preparation tonight consisted of coming up with the idea, and then waiting for an hour for hubby to get home to let him know we were going out. It was tough.

I had the exact same entree (yes it was that good - goat's cheese, really what more do I need to say?) and hubby tried a new pasta dish. V, decided that the chicken finger dipping sauce was good for her daddy's shared pasta, the broccoli I gave her, the cucumbers, basically everything but the chicken fingers. Then to top it off, she used it as a fingertip bowl and 'rinsed' her hands in it.

I have never seen so much mess that didn't migrate to her clothing or mine (hubby was fully out of the danger zone all the way across the table.) It took a paper towel, two full-size hand towels provided by the restaurant (the kind that you usually use one of to clean up after ribs), a kleenex, and a cloth napkin to de-stickify her. We really need to work on her manners when dining in public.

The two free entrees was super sweet - we paid for a kid's meal, and our drinks. I need to find more deals like this (and yes we tipped on the full amount of the meal - sheesh give me a break). I know we have a Lone Star gift cert and some for The Keg I've got my meals planned for the rest of the week!
Who does she think she is?