September 20th, 2009


(no subject)

Let's just say your dog ate your daughter's sock. You have to assume it's her sock, as you haven't seen it yet again, but you will. Said dog now spends the day and night wandering around hacking and burping at the most inconvenient times. Like one hour in to the middle of the nap of the child who never naps. The child who gets very upset at the sound of the hacking dog. The child who is teething, and really, for everyone's sanity, needs as much sleep as possible.

How do you put your finger on all the emotions you are feeling towards the dog? Are you upset at yet another orphaned sock? Do you want to strangle him for not knowing what food looks and tastes like? Does his scaring the crap out of you with his harfing drive you to drink? Are you worried that this is going to be the one that doesn't pass? Do you want to scream, realizing that won't help the baby go back to sleep?

It's a good thing he's cute is all I can say.