September 22nd, 2009


Howdy strangers!

Tonight I decided it was time to knit again. Some might think the fall weather did it, except it was 32C with humidity today. Some might think it was my trip to guild last night that inspired me, but the mood I was in, I was more annoyed than ever. I think my looming stash finally yelled loud enough to spur me to action. Either that or I was afraid of being buried alive in my craft room.

I didn't get off to a great start, the item I picked up had obviously been put away to think about what it had done the last time I knit it. I of course didn't discover these lovely mistakes until I'd oh so enthusiastically knit another row. (Note to self: fire house elf for not correcting all my knitting blunders - he's had plenty of time!) New row ripped out, and 2 old rows gone and I was back in business. I managed to knock off 16 rows once I got on a roll...I was thinking, 'it *is* like riding a bike' but really, other than the basket, there's very little similarity.