October 16th, 2009


How to buy a house when you aren't looking for one

Hubby and I have been in our current house for 13 years this month. We like the house, we own the house, but in no way is it our dream house(s). We'd need two, hubby's dream house wouldn't resemble my dream house in the slightest...But I digress. We like the neighborhood, we like being in the near burbs, but this house just isn't cutting it. And it's not the easy to fix things like add a room, it's the things like we live in a high ranch and I'm tired having to walk up stairs as soon as I get in my door. Things like it being a ranch, but a small ranch so the bedrooms aren't that far away from the kitchen/dining/entertaining areas. And V is a super light sleeper.

A couple of weekends ago we decided to look at a couple of open houses. We started off at a HUGE place on a HUGE lot on the island in Manotick:

This is what 100k out of our price range looks like from the air:

On the way back V fell asleep in her car seat, but we decided to drag her through one more, in Barrhaven...

Not the greatest picture of anything but the tree, but it's another Tudor-style home, built around the same time.

It has a nice-sized living room, family room and a huge kitchen and dining room on the main level. There is also a partial bath, laundry and den to the other side of the kitchen:

The kitchen will need to be done at some point, but I'm already fantasizing about having a kitchen big enough to contain all of my kitchen gadgets!

Family room off the kitchen:

An entryway that can hold more than 2 people without the need for a Twister mat:

Did I mention - a POOL!

Aerial view because they're fun:

So we went back on Monday had a good long scour through, have some concerns that will hopefully be addressed by a home inspection, went in last night with V to make sure she approved, and put in an offer today! A 30-day close offer. Not conditional on the sale of our current house offer. A month from now we may be in the further out burbs, in a four-bed, four-bath house...they we need to figure out if we rent out our current house, or wait and sell it in the spring. Eep.