December 23rd, 2009


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V has been feeling poorly since Thursday or Friday. Saturday swim was a waste, she was clingy the whole time so no kicking, floating, jumping in or dunking. And starting Saturday night she was up all night and running a fever. We finally brought her in Monday night and let me tell you I was so impressed with the treatment at the hospital! Not only do I love the triage system at the QCH, but due to the high temp, her vomiting and general lethargy, she was brought straight through to a doctor. Hubby said he barely had time to get her outer gear off before the doc was in the room. Luckily (?) she only has an ear infection, but man can that girl throw a fever for a little infection!

She is still fairly clingy and would spend the whole day sleeping on me if I let her, but much to her disappointment we've got malls to visit and cleaning to do so it's been a fairly 'go! go!' past couple of days.

It's cute to hear her talk about Santa Claus coming to visit her house, she really has no idea why that's exciting, but she sure can recognize him and doesn't hesitate to mention he's coming. She knows there's much candy involved, and a bunch of twinkly lights, and a big, prickly tree showed up in her living room, but other than that she has no idea of what she's in for. Should be a good day.

My bit of silliness in this whole thing - I just got my 2 Christmas Goodmamas in the mail. V is *almost* night trained. When she's feeling well she probably wets once a week or so (which is hell for trying to do diaper laundry!). My debate is whether or not to crack open the super cute GMs so she can wear them Christmas Eve/Night or keep them NIP for next kid/selling next year.

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It's been so cold around here lately that the last bit of snow the city left on the ground (someone really needs to look into the feasibility of heated streets!) has gotten compacted by the traffic and basically turned to ice.

I've re-discovered why it's not a good idea to wear Dr. Marten's in the winter. Turns out their bouncy sole becomes a useless hunk of might as well be glass when things get a wee bit chilly. I managed to have a complete wipe out yesterday. Not only did I land flat out on my back, but it was one of the spectacular, comic-inspiring ones where you manage to see your feet fly up in front of you before you become re-acquainted with the ground. It's really a good thing I'm fluffy, or I'm sure I'd have broken a hip. Never been so glad to have built in impact absorbing panels before.

Once I finished flying around I had to take a moment to assess, well, the sky. I lay in the street long enough that my inventory of body parts was interrupted by Chet's snout in my line of vision. You know it's bad when a husky's concerned about what you're doing. So far, a day later, I've got some tender ribs and one sore, sore hip. And a pair of traction aids installed on the boots. Don't care to repeat that action until I'm on either a ski hill or a rink.