January 21st, 2010


Back in the not-so-frozen but still too chilly North.

Well that was one way-too fast week! I could have used another couple of days of just lazing around in the sun...and 30C weather. Let me tell you, I've had the thermostat cranked up for the past two days, 21C is about all I can handle. I knew I was born too far away from the equator!

The two travel days were long for a two-year old (well, let's face it, they were looooong for her parents too), we were out the door for the airport at 4:30am on the 11th and hit the hotel room at 4:30pm! The way home was even crazier, the bus picked us up at the resort at 9am Monday and we got home after 2am Tuesday! V was a champ the entire time, she loved going 'zoom, zoom' in the airplane, had no issues with her ears and didn't use a single diaper the entire trip! She was even getting out of the pool to go to the bathroom.

She loved 'maica, and the ocean, and the water park. She definitely got a bit braver as time went on, but she is still so super shy. I hope she comes out of her shell soon. The staff there were all so wonderful with all the kids and they loved stopping by to say, 'hi' and she would barely even look at them and speaking was out of the question. She was okay with the Sesame Street characters as long as she could approach them. But if they came up to her, she was very clingy.

I'm slightly disappointed in my tan. I was a chicken this time around and used SPF30 almost every day. It would appear that I don't tan if I wear SPF30.

I discovered the trick to going to an all-inclusive resort and managing to lose weight without getting sick: WATERPARK!! Who needs a stair-master, I'm getting myself a waterslide for the backyard next year.

The wedding was lovely, the 5 shirts/dresses I made were super cute if I do say so myself, and I got to celebrate my birthday with a surprise pirate-themed beach party! My (brand spanking new) SIL is a maniac who loves a good party and she had everyone bring down costumes and everything.

We had grand plans for all sorts of tours, but only ended up popping around the corner of the pier (off the resort) to bargain for cheap souvenirs.

I'll get the pics up when I've had a chance to sort through them. My brother has a bunch on his computer, and well, he's on his honeymoon.

Dogs have been picked up from the kennel, they don't seem that much worse for wear, but are definitely glad to be home. It would appear however, that they got a bit more attention during the day; they've been begging me to go on walks in the middle of the day! Cat, turtle and mother-in-law all survived each other, and my laundry was folded when I got home *g*.