January 28th, 2010


Aw crap.

I'm home for the rest of the week. Tuesday night when hubby picked V up they reported that she'd coughed for the entire day and had napped for a total of 10 minutes. This, just added to the two sleepless nights we'd had caused us to be concerned enough to take her to the doc.
One crackly chest later and we've got ourselves a case of pneumonia. Luckily it appears the antibiotics are doing wonders, and while she still has a bit of a hack, it's no longer the hack of doom and it's not constant either.

OMG does this child ever demand attention! I'm trying to keep her on a similar schedule to her daycare, minus outdoor play, but she hasn't quite mastered the art of independent play yet, which isn't leaving me a lot of time for work. I thought I'd be able to sneak some work in, but she appears to have ESP and as soon as my hands touch the keyboard, she decides it's time to read a book or play barbie or go potty. My last hope is her 2 hour nap (fingers crossed) and if that doesn't work or isn't the most productive two hours ever, then I'll have to see if I can work in the evenings and dump housish stuff on hubby. We're really going to have to figure out secondary daycare for the next time this sort of thing crops up.

Who's the wise guy?

Who ordered the blizzard? I know you're out there, some sort of winter sports enthusiast waiting for the trails or the hills to open, checking the weather every day praying for 2 feet of snow. Maybe you think the fluffy white stuff is romantic, you picture a walk followed by a cuddle by the fire. Or maybe you're one of my dogs, and have been pining for the stuff. Whatever the case, cut it out!

Here's what it looked like at 1:

Not so bad until you notice just how fast those flakes were moving...

By the time I got to the front of the house:

Little bit scary, and I'm glad I'm not driving.

An hour later I was really glad to be inside:

And I kid you not, this was 2 minutes later.

ETA - turns out the world didn't end, and it was a weak-willed, hardly worth mentioning snow squall. But man it looked like it was cooking up something good.