March 16th, 2010



The longhair just returned with my Vespa. It is back from the garage where it received it's safety check, so it's ready to transfer ownership and get it's plates! This thing is so kooky. I swear there is no way you can ride it and not if not laugh out loud, then at least grin like an idiot. I cannot wait to be able to trip around on it. For some reason it feels like I need a picnic hamper to tie to the back luggage rack.

While we were admiring it in the garage, the longhair...nope, I just can't do it, hubby suggested cleaning it up a bit, maybe adding some flames...he also had to start it up to show me the horn. I swear it's the horn you hear in the background of all films set in Europe. Using it would cause more problems than it could ever possibly solve. Oh, and the final thing that cracked me up? It carries it's spare tire around with it! It's tucked up under the left rear fender - LOL.

It really needs to warm up so I can get this baby on the road.