April 15th, 2010


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There's a huge landfill out to the west of us, (a pile 50m tall and covering something like 30 hectares). It is getting pretty close to full. The company that runs it announced yesterday that they were Closing it! Capping it! But, they'll be opening up a 'new' dump. Here's the beauty, it's on the same site oh and double points for deciding to call it the West Carleton Environmental Centre. A freaking dump is now an 'environmental centre'.

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Not much of an update, but holy crap, today is my 20 year anniversary of starting to work for the company that the company I now work for bought *g*. My boss has been here 23 and one of his team leads has been here 36 so I'm a relative pup.

It still manages to make me feel old. But what makes me feel worse is knowing I'll have to work another 15 years for early retirement.