August 24th, 2010

chet sniffing

You might love your old dogs if...

  • you've determined the melted lump of purple plastic in the dryer started off as a  (unused!!!!!) poop bag, again.

  • you've washed a Milkbone. Again.

  • you have more ways to brush your dog's teeth than you do your own.

  • you weigh dinner invites on the chances of raiding the hosts' bread and milk bag stash.

  • the windows of your car are covered in slobber and nose prints (blame might be shared if you have young children)

  • where they dig holes in the yard, you build gardens.

  • you would have rather had a Matrix but you bought a minivan so they could come along. Gas mileage be damned!

  • you invested in 3M, then stocked up on those lint rollers

  • you'll gladly get up to let them out at 1, 3 and 5 am. Then again at 6 to walk them. In a torrential downpour.

  • you have a dog-walking wardrobe.

  • they have their own towels.

  • you've come home from work during a thunderstorm to comfort them.

  • when you let them back in you have to carry them up the stairs.

  • you invested in a furminator (see that second dog that popped up? that is what our lawn looks like) when it was $70 not this $13 BS! but still take them to the groomers 4x a year.

  • your groomer books you at the end of the day because she looks like the Easter Bunny when she's done.

How do you show your fur babies your love?