September 7th, 2010


iPhone love

Is there anything the iPhone doesn't do? I'm sitting here flaked out on the couch, with the latest plague V decided to share with me (seriously, where the hell is my immune system? I thought the goodness of being a plague-ridden child was that you were a healthy adult laughing at all those germs) and I'm keeping up with twitter, writing a couple of blog posts (duh), checking my mail, reading blogs, looking for houses, all without getting nagged by hubby for being on my laptop (insert evil grin). The small keyboard is a bit of a pain, so I promise to keep the typos to a minimum even if I can't guarantee the quality of the posts.

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Weekend update!

Before my sister's little ones came over for the weekend, hubby made some remark about this being a good indication of our ability to parent more than one child. I think he was secretly hoping for an exhausting shit-show, just to be able to get his 'I told you so's in.

Happily (for me), the weekend was wonderful. I sort of get the feeling that this is like 'the first one's free' just to get you hooked. Sure there was the occasional meltdown, and no, they weren't all mine. BTW the biggest one BY FAR was when their mom called Sunday morning - it really wasn't like that all weekend Stella!  Lack of naps also threw V for a loop (stupid quiet time, who decided that was a good idea? Or quiet?) If you follow me on Twitter you know that Saturday it sounded like an MMA match in the quiet room. Sunday, there was some sort of kicking competition that included tattling. Fun.

But back to the good stuff! I would say that it was easier looking after the group of them than V by herself. I mean, I could be busy somewhere else and they amused each other. I usually feel guilty about V when I'm occupied with something else, she's self-entertaining, but I feel compelled to pop in on her just to give her some interaction (also? single children get quiet when they're up to no good. These ones got very noisy - easier to recognize).

Having the three out in 'the wild' could be a bit stressful, more children than hands has that potential. Luckily Goose didn't mind the stroller and Woo and V were happy to 'help':

Bonus is we have a minivan and three seats are a breeze! Sadly our year/model is lacking tethers for more than one seat in the 3rd row, so three carseats is the max. *heheh*

Toddler conversations are the cutest thing ever to overhear.

I know Woo was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to play with PlayDoh, but the park, backhoe, Fairy party (Lumiere), apple picking and trip to Uncle Bub's had us worn out!

Monday was blissfully uneventful, the dogs didn't need quite so much Valium, the dishwasher only ran once, and we actually managed to get a load of our clothes in the washing machine. V was already asking when her cousins could come back.