October 23rd, 2010


The Good'ol days

While destroying evidence cleaning out my email at work today (yes, I kept EVERYTHING) I came across a bunch of ancient emails that made me smile and sadly nostalgic at the same time. I'm not sure if this post is about the good'ol times or the people I know. Or maybe the people I know are what made the 'ol times so good...in which case I have to ask them who gave them permission to slack.

We used to work for a tiny company. The tiny company was acquired by a mega-huge company and we tried for as long as we could to pretend things hadn't changed. But things have changed. We've gone from a local office of about 100 people in one building to 5 sites in this city, with ~1200 employees...just here. The entire population of our company is larger than many small cities. But I still have these gems to remind me what it used to be like (and fill me with family pride, Stella is my sister):

>From: Stella
>To: Employees (Secure)
>Subject: Dinner at Mexis for Car and Lala???
>Date: Thursday, August 15, 1996 2:47PM
>Since Car will be leaving for Ral soon, and Lala is going away to school, we'd like to take them out for a farewell dinner.  If you'd like to join us, please ack by next thursday, so I can make reservations.

Date -  Friday Aug 23
Time - 6:30
Place - Mexi's at Dow's



>>From: Stella
>>Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 1996 6:27 PM
>>To: Employees (Secure)
>>Subject: REMINDER -  Dinner at Mexis for Car and Lala???

>>If you haven't acked, and will be going please let me know.



>From: Brainy
>To: Stella
>Subject: RE: REMINDER -  Dinner at Mexis for Car and Lala???
>Date: Thursday, August 22, 1996 9:57AM

>>OK, put me down.


From: Stella
To: Brainy
Cc: Neeroc ; Lala
Subject: RE: REMINDER -  Dinner at Mexis for Car and Lala???
Date: Thursday, August 22, 1996 10:09AM

ok - you're a lousy, sleazy, bottom of the barrel, elvis following, fart-monger!