neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Woohoo! 5 day weekend

This weekend is our annual Spring Tonic knitting get-away. It started off as an afternoon get away to Kingston and has morphed into a 5 day outing. This means I'm leaving tomorrow and it can't come too soon. I haven't started packing yet, but as long as I remember wool, needles and books I'll be happy. The rest of the 'wits have some silly no naked people rule, so I guess some clothes would be handy to keep me from getting kicked out. I've decided to concentrate on finishing up the multiple pairs of socks I have on the needles. If I happen to run out of those, or if we encounter a freak snowstorm and get stuck at the inn, I'm also bringing some shawl wool, wool for a friend's poncho and wool for a new pair of socks. We are also stopping in K-town, so I'll have the opportunity to pick up new supplies for the stash. We'll be down in numbers from our usual group, Joan and Linda aren't joining us, Lulu is far too pregnant to travel and Snorie will be staying home with her boys. Hopefully the whole gang will be together in the fall.

Okay, I have to go not think about packing now. The theory is that I'll get it done sometime between walking the dogs and my conference call tomorrow. Just to add to the challenge my car decided to blink it's damn Service Engine light at me. Good thing I'm not driving tomorrow, it can sit in the laneway for a few days and think about what it has done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

ps - If you left a note on my last message, I hope you don't think I'm completely rude, I'm just still a bit freaked out and haven't been on-line a lot lately. I do appreciate all the support, and am trying not to obsess over the US next Tuesday. I really thought this would get easier....
Tags: knitting, wits

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