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The knitting update can wait.

We had a 2nd ultrasound at 9w4d yesterday (no it's not normal to do so, but I've had issues in the past and we wanted to be sure). Everything was fine, strong heartbeat, normal size, relieved Neeroc and hubby. We've now graduated from our RE, and will be seeing our OB in June. We have decided, despite my 'advanced age', not to do IPS testing. I really can't see anything other than more worry coming from it. I am still not sold on MSS either. The outcome of the tests is not going to change our pregnancy, and all they seem to do is add you to a higher risk category, not give answers. Luckily, my RE agreed, calling the tests a Pandora's Box; I hope the OB will feel the same way about MSS when the time comes.

So it looks like I really am finally pregnant. I think I have to let that sink in for a bit.
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