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Last Sunday we were over at my sister's for Mother's Day dinner, and hubby managed to chip a tooth on a piece of candy. It was bothering him enough that he made an appointment with the dentist almost immediately. Turns out he has 2, count'em 2 broken teeth, both severe enough to warrant root canals. Joy. He is most upset though at the fact that the latest appointment he will get is 2pm, meaning he'll have to use some of his sick leave. Yep, he's worried about his sick leave. He's has somewhere around 250 days accumulated, as he basically never takes a day off. He's trying to figure out if there's other leave he can take instead. Since I've known him, he's taken a week or so off when a boiler exploded as the guy he was with was trying to light it (a steel plate hit him in the face requiring 15 or so stitches), some time when he tore his ACL and needed surgery, and a couple of weeks when he bulged a disk in his back. Dude is serious about accumulating his sick leave, I think it offends him that something as simple as dental surgery will cause him to dip into his stash *g*. Oh, and ask me if he's stopped chewing on hard candy. I dare you.

My friend Lulu had her baby girl on Wednesday. Last Thursday was her last day of work and she was due on Friday. Rachel was born at 7lbs after 5.5 hours of labour. I have not yet spoken to mom, but email announcements indicate everyone is well.

I have become severely knitting challenged. I've been merrily working on my Headwater Wool Stole when I suddenly got it into my head that I should be working with 81 stitches instead of the 80 I had on the needles. I feared that I dropped a stitch in the lace and it went down the 12 pattern rows and ended up in a yarn over, so I was no longer able to find it. So I ripped out 12 rows of Alpaca lace and still had 80 stitches, I ripped out one more, and suddenly had 79. I found that bugger, but had to drop down two more rows to correct that mistake. At this time, I decided to look at the pattern for confirmation. I thin proceeded to stick a needle in my eye, as I realized I ripped out for no good reason. Like a trooper I started knitting up again (and before you ask, no I haven't learned my lesson and added lifelines) 5 rows in I get to the end of my patterning and am down a stitch again. The knitting has gone away for the day, and I'm reading now. At least if I miss a page reading it will be easier to recover.

People in this town are going bonkers for the Sens! For hours after the win this aft you could hear people celebrating up and down the streets. I've heard that there were tonnes of fans on Parliament Hill and the city stopped all parking on and around Elgin St. so the partying could happen freely down there. I can't imagine how crazy this town is going to be once the final round starts. Oh ya, and WOOHOO! What an amazing game to watch! The penalties late in the 3rd were stupid, stupid mistakes, but it was a great, intense game to watch. This is one I didn't fall asleep watching!

The best part for me though is the fear mongers who decided to start chirping up today indicating that there is a 'very real' possibility of rioting and violence if things don't go well in the final round. And it was so nice of all the news channels to start broadcasting it. Nothing like putting ideas into people's heads. Kinda reminds me of the GnR/Metallica concert in Montreal when they started announcing that everyone should remain calm - only then did the rioting start.
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