neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Paging Rusty

The other night hubby had to run up to the grocery for a couple of items we needed for dinner. Just as he pulled out of the driveway I realized there was one more key ingredient missing, so I tried his cell. Of course he wasn't carrying it with him so I decided to call the grocery and have him paged. I left enough time for him to get there and had them page him twice.

Sadly, I did not get a call back, and he returned home sans key ingredient shortly thereafter. When I asked him if he heard the page, he mentioned that he had, but he didn't think they could possibly mean him. We do not have a common surname, and there wouldn't have been two people with his name in the store, there aren't even two people with his name in our city. It could not have been anyone else. He then went on to explain that in the future, I should request that they page Rusty Shackleford. This he would know was for him.


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