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I am now fantabulous!

I can't believe how accustomed I became to having an ultrasound every few days or even every few weeks and knowing what, exactly, is going on with my body. This wait from 9w to 14w has been hell! And I could not imagine peeing on a stick and then not knowing anything else until week 20.

We met with our OB for the first time on Tuesday. I really like her, we seem to be on the same wavelength about things. Apparently, because we declined IPS, we aren't supposed to have an ultrasound until 18-20 weeks!! Thankfully she reviewed our history and decided we would probably each have a coronary if we had to wait that long and scheduled one for today. The ultrasound lab was great. They didn't actually have an appointment for me, but managed to squish me in between two other exams.

So lets start off by saying yep, there still is a baby in there and it appears to be growing just fine. Heartrate was 151 and the measurements seemed to indicate a size of 14w2d (I'm 13w6d). I'm assuming there's a little wiggle room in the measurements now, and the gaps may increase as we progress. I didn't get the report, but was being nosy as she was working on it and it looked to me like everything was in the 90th percentile. I won't find out anymore until I go back to the OB in July. Hubby wants our 'cutsie' bump name to be Cletus and I haven't thought of anything better.

Our doc did manage to talk us into testing Maternal Serum AFP only, which means I will be going in for bloodwork the week of the 18th and then having a level II ultrasound at 18 weeks. She totally agreed that if the results of the other tests weren't going to change our decision to carry to term than they weren't worth taking, but this one apparently can lead to changes of outcome. The way I understand it, if there are no other markers for spina bifada or other neural tube defects (detected in the ultrasound) and there is a raised level of AFP, then there is a possibility of growth complications later in pregnancy. Knowing this, she would monitor us more closely and we would have a chance to change the outcome of the pregnancy for the better. For this I say okay.

Now that I have a confirmation on ultrasound and I got to see the little dude squirming around and waving their arm I feel a bit more comfortable about cracking out some of the mat pants I bought. I was worried about this ultrasound and didn't want to detag and wear everything only to find out I'd wasted the money (yep, I'm nuts). So now I'm happy and comfortable! And seeing as I won't be spending every waking moment obsessing about how things are going, I'll probably be back to journalling more often.
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