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Freecycle grouch

When I first started Freecycling it was great - I got rid of a bunch of stuff, and managed to find a few cool things. This week though I'm almost ready to start chucking everything in the trash, to hell with the landfills.

I had some recipe books up there about 2 weeks ago, someone claimed them and we never managed to hand off. I mailed her a couple of times, and finally reposted them last Friday. Someone else claimed them and wanted to pick them up on the weekend. DIDN'T SHOW. She was also taking a magazine rack I offered. Monday I hear from the first person that wanted the books - her computer was 'broken' - TFB. Tuesday I hear from the second jerk - she's too sick to come get the stuff but will have someone pick it up on Friday. Great I say. She then asks for a picture of the magazine rack, because she wants to know if it's what she's looking for. WTH? You already said you'd take it, I posted it as gone, and now you're changing your damn mind? So I gave her a piece of mine. We'll see if the friend shows up on Friday.

Then there's S. S wants some magazines I have, all is good with that. But he wants to come in the middle of the day. I work. Granted I haven't been at the office much, but I work. Noon isn't after work and two isn't after work. Six is after work, try that.

Oh, and if I post mags, don't tell me I should try giving them to my doctor's office. First of all, do I have a doctor? Second of all, did I ask for ideas on what to do with them? Do I need to know what a great member of the community you are? Thirdly, I may have mentioned in my post that they are 5-6 years old. Guess what? Doctors don't want them. And I don't want your advice. I don't want to cart magazines around, I want to post them in this cute little group, and have someone show up at my door and take them away. I really don't give a damn if it's you or the recyclers, as long as they go.

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