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Things that are broken


I have a cold. My husband decided to share his summer cold with me. I know sharing is usually a good quality, but this I could have done without. I started last Wednesday/Thursday with uncontrollable sneezing (not so fun when you're pregnant). I finally broke down and took some a Tylenol on Saturday morning, my throat and nose were so sore I needed some relief. Unfortunately, the cold was the migratory kind, and it's now in my lungs. Luckily it seems to be fairly well behaved, I'm not experiencing any of the usual asthma/collapsing lung issues that I tend to get.

My car:

A couple of weeks ago I went to head in to work (unique enough these days) and I noticed the dome light was on when I got in. I then remembered that I wasn't able to remotely lock/arm the car the night before. My handy-dandy solution was of course to turn the dome light from 'auto' to 'off', but I figured hubby might want to really figure out what was going on. Turns out both door pins are shot on the driver's door, so it isn't lining up with the contacts. Hubby was figuring he could replace this himself, but we took it to the dealership the other night, and between the placement of the bolts, and the electronics for the locks and the window, he'd have to take off the front quarter panel and unhook all the wiring, and it's just not worth it. The mechanic we talked to told us to place a dime under the contact and it will re-line up. $.10 solution vs $100's? Sold! Now all I have to do is get it painted, fix the leaky rack and find that exhaust leak and we'll be as good as new! *sigh*

My cat:

This one is hard to write. My poor baby started acting all dizzy on the long weekend, she couldn't walk, sit or clean herself. We took her to the vet the following week, where they did a partial blood, thyroid and urine test. She has lost 2/3 of her kidney function, and is now declared to be in kidney failure. We have to take her in for a CBC next week (the amount I've spent on blood tests this year - oi!) and the doctor will be showing us how to administer subQ fluids. Apparently this sometimes helps flush toxins from their system. The kidney failure is irreversible, but we are hoping to make her feel better. She's too feisty (yes for a 16 year old cat) for us to leave her with the vet for 1-2 days for IV fluids, so this is the next best thing. It is really heartbreaking to both of us to learn that she is sick, she's always been our little kitten. The only good thing, as far as well can tell, is that she hasn't lost her appetite and her water consumption hasn't changed, which are usually the first signs. But as the doc pointed out - she's an unusual cat!

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