neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

You call this a vacation?

Sure, hubby and I may not be going in to the office and getting paid for the work we do, but I'm fairly sure that what we did last week in no way qualifies as vacation.
Friday to Monday were okay - we trucked ourselves, both dogs and the cat up to the cottage for a bit of away time - and we proceeded to redecorate the bathroom, fix the door, clean up a bit of the shoreline...and not so much relax. I was impressed at how well all of the animals travelled, the dogs hardly acted up, and as long as I held the cat she didn't scream her fool head off. It was still pretty cool been up at the lake, and it did provide us some quiet time.

Back in the city for Tuesday-Saturday we decided to finish painting the living room (more wallpaper stripping and much more mudding first) and then move my craft room into the basement. I was using an 8x10 spot in the basement for my candlemaking, and had a 10x12 or so room upstairs for all my crafts. Smushing both of those into an 8x8 space is no where near as easy as it sounds.

We started off doing the clean sweep thing, everything from the candle lab went into the garage, and I had the goal to halve it. Much freecycling and 4 garbage bags later, I was almost there. While I was sorting everything out, hubby was painting the room for me. We simply went to Home Depot and grabbed a pretty shade of mistint. My room is now a cheery buttercream. We also laid those interlocking foam mats on the concrete floor, for comfort and warmth. Now all I have to worry about is the spiders!

Next I had to bring all of the craft room, from upstairs down. Again, I decided to halve this. Luckily my wool stash and CM supplies will stay upstairs so that's a huge cheat on the halving. Most of the hauling is done, there are a few bits and pieces, but luckily we don't need the room right away because I've run out of steam *g*


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