neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Crash Team Racing

aka Head Injuries R Us

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that my sister's Facebook status indicated she was home from the hospital and everything was okay with her son's head. Naturally I needed more info. It turns out that she had tripped going down the last 2 stairs at her place, while holding her son, and landed knees, elbows and then son's head on the slate floor at the bottom. Her son is 4.5 months old. Needless to say they headed to the hospital, where after an ER check he appeared okay and was released. Last night he vomited when they woke him, so they were back to the hospital where he was kept for observation. This morning he vomited again, so he was transfered to the regional children's hospital, where they would have the equipment to properly examine an infant.

Early this afternoon we heard that a CT scan showed that the little dude has a fractured skull and a concussion. Luckily there is no fluid or bleeding, so once he was stabilized on anti-nausea drugs and Tylenol he was released again. They will have to monitor him carefully and he will need a revisit/retest in six weeks.

While all this is going on with my sister, our truck's radiator decided to finally kick the bucket yesterday. You really can't blame it, it was 17 years old and lead a good life. It may not seem relevant to the story, until I mention that hubby picked up a new rad and heater core (which had been going for a while now) and proceeded to shady tree mechanic them this afternoon. Unfortunately, near the end of the garage session, he was carrying his socket set into the garage, looking for a 10mm I believe, and managed to trip on a car battery left in his path. This caused him to toss the sockets all over the garage (we're still missing a 12mm, 3/8" drive - let me know if you spot it) and land head first on a wooden crate. Dude has himself a very impressive goose-egg, right beside his right eye. Now you may be sensing a theme to this post.

I figure he and little L can wear matching helmets for the next little while.

Added bonus - How's this for rounding out the team? I was mentioning to my sister that I was going to post this, making sure it was all right with her, seeing as she is not the world's worst mom, and she mentioned that her father-in-law managed to fall on his head while playing tennis today! Now we're ordering 3 helmets and a mile and a half of bubble wrap!

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