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Blogging about knitting

Funny thing about journaling your knitting, you occasionally have to put the knitting down...

At 22w I realized that I had not yet knit a single stitch for the baby, and as I want to cloth diaper with wool soakers, this presented a bit of a problem. I decided then and there to knit a garment a week (soakers will be much easier than say lacy sweaters) and I am so far only a week behind. And that I blame on the security audit we had a couple of weeks ago.

I have also determined that I *hate* finishing garments. I'll knit like a mad woman, but it can sit for years until my elf turns up to seam it. So, the first thing I knit, a lacy sweater, is still waiting to be seamed. And it will continue to do so for a while yet. I have a mountain of wool to knit my way through, and hundreds of patterns that don't call for seaming lace together.

Lacy sweater in apricot. From Paton's booklet #767- using Beehive Baby

Koigu soakers. That's right, I said Koigu. This pattern is from an ancient booklet I picked up at an auction. The lot of them dated between 1930 and 1950. I really enjoy knitting items out of this book.

Sheepypants longies, knit in Paton's Classic Merino, colourway Good Earth

Curly Purly's soaker, knit in leftover PCM, Good Earth

If I get another garment completed by tonight (Sally Melville's Baby Albert WIP as we speak), I'll be back on track for a garment a week. I hope to knit at least 2 soakers in each of the 4 different sizes, then I can move on to fun things like booties and caps and sweaters. And now Baby Albert is calling my name...
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